Smoke Extraction Motors
Our new certified smoke extraction motors have been specially developed for buildings or construction sites with smoke control systems. This includes buildings frequented by the public in large numbers, such as discotheques, shopping centers, movie theaters, airports, enclosed car parks as well as industrial buildings, staircases, tunnels and so on. Our smoke extraction motors can even cope with high ambient temperatures safely. In the event of an accident, they reduce the heat loading on the building and keep access and escape routes smoke-free.
The double-function motors operate as follows:
  • As fan motor for operation under normal conditions
  • Operation under fault conditions as fan motor at high ambient temperatures (200°C, 300°C, 400°C) and minimum operating time stipulated according to norm
Temperature-time Classification in Accordance with EN 12101 - 3 June 2002
Class Temerature °C Minimum function duration (min) Achieved time (min)
F200 200 120 180
F300 300 60
F400 400 120
Smoke Extraction Motors - Technical Overview
Frame sizes 80M to 315L
Output ranges 0.55 kW to 200 kW
Construction types IM B3, IM V1, IM B35
Frequency 50 Hz
Number of poles 2-pole, 4-pole and 6-pole Greater number of poles and pole-changing on request
Voltages 230/400 V/Y, 500 V / 400/690 V/Y, 500 VY
Inverter Insulation of the smoke extraction motors is designed to permiteration with a inverter at voltages - 500V without restrictions. This also applies for operation with a PWM nverter with Voltage peak times ts > 0.1 µs at the motor terminals.
  • Motor series up to 200 kW certified in accordance with the EN 12101-3 standard of June 2002
  • Reliable fan operation in the event of an accident
  • Duration of operation in the event of a fault is higher than rated values
  • Axial or radial fan drive is possible
  • Smoke-free access routes for appropriate fire fighting and saving human life
  • Reduction of secondary fire damage
  • Available from 0.55 kW rated output
  • Can be used in previously certified plants without the need for further testing
  • Special designs are available