Product characteristics
  • Torque limiter with integrated sprocket
  • Available as complete structural component
  • Possible torque adjustment requested by the customer ex works
  • Easy setting of slipping moment with usual tools
  • Available from stock with standard chain wheels
  • Further chain wheels available on customer request
  • Application ranges - belt conveyors - automation engineering - servo drives
Description For exact dimensioning torque limiters latest simulation andcalculation programmes are available. Therefore let us know many data ofyour drive. The more precise these data are, the more precise are theresults of calculation. Make use of this possibility and discuss with usthe application in advance.
General description
Please notice: High masses at the drive or driven end can meanlong slow-down times also in case of torque limiters entered infunction. This can cause increased wear at the coupling. Therefore incase of high speeds we recommend to use a free-rotating(load-separating) safety clutch (KTR-SI idle rotation coupling). Ifrequired, please contact KTR’s engineering department. Besides it is important fo the failure-free operation to define theengaging torque definitely above the max. operating torque of the unit.Therefore we recommend to set the coupling at least 30% above the max.operating torque. For all torque limiters an electrical disconnection of the driveshould be provided. Long slipping or locking times can destroy thecoupling. We kindly assist you when selecting sensors, end switches orspeed controls.
A smooth operation is only guaranteed if the overload torque setexceeds the maximum operating torque of the machine