Product characteristics
  • Shaft coupling shiftable at standstill, suitable for a wide range of machinery
  • Easy to engage and disengage with standstill of machinery
  • Shifting hub may be combined with slip ring and shift linkage
  • With pre-bored hubs the shifting force must be set after final machining
  • Further sizes on request according to dimension M 370266
  • Complete shifting device consisting of:
  • Separated shift ring from red bronze, shift fork, shifting shaft, shifting lever, eye type bearing
Description of coupling ROTEX® - couplings are characterized by small dimensions, low weight andlow mass moments of inertia yet transmit high torques. Running qualityand service life of the coupling are improved by accurate all-overmachining. Their application is ideal for transmitting torque while dampingtorsional vibrations and absorbing shocks produced by the unevenoperation of certain prime movers.
General description
ROTEX® - couplings are torsionally flexible and designed for; positive torque transmission. They are fail-safe. Operational vibrations; and shocks are efficiently dampened and reduced. The two congruent; coupling halves with concave claws on the inside are periphally offset; in relation to one another by half a pitch.
In addition, they are designed in such a way as to enable an involute spider to be located between them. The teeth of the spider are crowned to avoid edge pressure if the shafts are misaligned. ROTEX® couplings are capable of compensating for axial, radial and angular displacements of the shafts to be connected.
Performance z_02-verformung-unter-belastung In contrast to other flexible couplings, the intermediate members; of which are subject to bending stress and are therefore prone to; earlier wear, the flexible teeth of ROTEX couplings are subject to; pressure only. This gives the additional advantage of the individual; teeth being able to accept considerably higher loads.The elastomer parts; show deformation with load and excessive speeds. Sufficient space for; expansion should be ensured (see drawing – deformation with load). The maximum torsion angle with ROTEX couplings of any size amounts to 5°. They can be fitted both horizontally and vertically. Explosion-proof use
ROTEX® couplings are suitable for power transmission in drives in; hazardous areas. The couplings are certified and confirmed according to; EC standard 94/9/EC (ATEX 95) as units of category 2G/2D and thus; suitable for the use in hazardous areas of zone 1, 2, 21 and 22. Please; read through our information included in the respective Type Examination; Certificate and the operating and mounting instructions.