Roller Conveyor Motors Process roller conveyors in reversing rolling mills are almost exclusively equipped with directly driven rollers today. This places high demands on the mechanical design of the drive. Our three-phase roller conveyor motors for inverter-fed operation were designed to satisfy these requirements. They are designed as totally enclosed asynchronous three-phase motors with a housing of spheroid graphite iron, ring ribs and strengthened bearing brackets. Roller Conveyor Motors - Technical Overview
Frame sizes 132M to 400
Output ranges 4 kW to 66 kW
Construction types IM B3
Frequency Inverter-fed up to 100 Hz
Number of poles 4-pole, 6-pole and 8-pole
Voltages ≤ 690 V
Inverter Inverter-compatible for voltage peak times ts > 0.1 µs at U = 500 V at the motor terminals. Optionally at U ≤ 690 V