Product characteristics
  • Suitable for every application in the range of general engineering up to a maximum speed of 1000 rpm
  • Type G precison single joint
  • Type GD precison double joint
  • Maximum articulation angle 45° for each joint
  • Bearings designed as plain bearings
  • Available with finish bore H7 - on request with keyway, hexagon bore or square bore
General description
  • KTR cardan joints consist of one joint center and 2 hub bodies interconnected via clips
  • The bearing of the joint heads is made via a sliding bearing (type G) or needle bearing (type H). For lubricating the sliding bearings appropriate openings are provided
  • The cardan joints with needle bearing of type H are made with a permanent lubrication and thus maintenance-free
  • Both versions give a high degree of efficiency as well as untroubled operation at low friction