Product characteristics
  • Not fail safe torsionally flexible shaft coupling, soft in bending
  • On request with enlarged elastomer elements to reduce torsional backlash
  • Axial plug-in - easy assembly - maintenance free
  • Particularly small mounting length - for small shaft distance dimensions
  • Operative range from - 40ºC to + 120ºC
  • Compensation for axial, radial and angular shaft misalignments
  • Use in general machinery
  • Explosion protection rated and confirmed acc. to EG Directive 94/0/EG
Coupling description The POLY coupling is a torsionally flexible, shear shaft coupling for   general machinery. It is assembled by axially pluging the hubs into   each other and has excellent dampening characteristics. Its unique   features are the flexible elastomeric elements that are located in both   coupling halves. The POLY advantage – A much greater number of flexible elements and   thus a larger effective mass of the elastomer to accept vibration and to   dissipate the heat caused by torsional vibrations when compared to   similar competitive couplings with elements only in one half.  Function 02-poly-norm_revolex-kx_poly_de The coupling consists of 2 hubs with fingers that are separated   by elastomeric elements which are assembled by axial blind plug-in to   each other. Elastomer elements are placed into the slots of both   coupling hubs. Torque is transmitted in a compact design. Shaft   misalignments, vibrations and shock loads are effectively absorbed by   the POLY coupling. The coupling is maintenance-free and used in general machinery, the   pump industry and in compressors. The Poly coupling handles torque   ranges of up to 65,000 Nm and is stocked in 21 different sizes and 4   designs for immediate availability. In addition to our standard coupling   models, a variety of flange, drop out center and spacer options are   available.  Variation of components          2-poly-norm_revolex-kx_poly_de_1
The coupling can be adapted to many applications due to the many   options that are possible with the building block arrangement. The POLY   components of a given model can be mixed and matched with each other to   obtain different shaft distances using the same basic component.
Explosion protection useex-log_1  POLY couplings are suitable for the use in drives in hazardous   areas. The couplings are certified according to EC Standard 94/9/EC   (ATEX 95) and belong to category 2G/2D, are confirmed and thus suitable   for the use in hazardous areas of zone 1, 2, 21 and 22. Please read our information in the respective Type Examination   Certificate and the operating and mounting instructions