The Building Block System for All Requirements  
Highly specialized drives must interact quickly and accurately to guarantee the necessary safety, reliability and flexibility long-term. Thanks to the modularity of our energy-saving motors and the patented MEZ mounting technology we can meet these requirements in full.
Rotary pulse encoders, brakes or external fans can be mounted onto the basic design as required, individually or in combination, without the need for special tools.
In this way, we guarantee a future-oriented, adaptable drive system. Our motor concept is not only extremely flexible, it will also increase efficiency throughout your plant.
Modules Motor Size
Rotary pulse encoder 100L - 315L
Brake 63M - 315L
Braking Torque 5 - 1600 Nm
External Fan 100L - 315L
Rotary Pulse Encoder Module
  • Easy conversion to controlled drive
  • Encoder module is fixed to the fan end of the motor shaft and the fan cowl
  • Retrofitting is possible without the need for special tools
Mechanical Brake Module
  • Capable of handling stringent application requirements
  • From start-up and positioning of machines through to storage and retrieval technology and machine tools
  • As a safety component, it can only be mounted in the factory
External Fan Module
  • Reliable source of a constant airflow at low speeds
  • Low-noise and constant-speed, powerful cooling even with high or low motor speeds
  • Consistently modular structure
  • Quick and easy retrofitting at any time
  • More efficient planning of the drive with standard modules
  • Easy assembly, start-up and operation
  • Consistent reductions in cost
  • Optimized price/performance ratio of the modules
  • With IP 55 degree of protection, extremely rugged
  • Energy-saving motors equipped as standard with a high efficiency (EFF1/EFF2)
  • Inverter-compatible insulation with DURIGNIT® IR 2000
  • Complies with all international voltages