Product characteristics:
  • High-performance coolers from aluminium for different media in one housing: - Water coolers - Oil coolers - Charge air coolers - Fuel coolers
  • Design for rough conditions of use
  • Selection according to thermal specifications
  • Selection of laminae meeting the requirements of application
  • Supply with cooler and hydraulic motor
  • Block thickness from 32 – 200 mm
  • Use in mobile machines like agricultural and construction ones etc.
Description In the building trade you do not only have to keep a cool head, butabove all cool machines. Here KTR’s new MMC combined cooler proves itsworth three times: Used as a water cooler it cools water, used as an oilcooler it cools either hydraulic or gear lubricant oil and used as acharge air cooler it assures the right temperature of the combustionair. In addition it may be used as a fuel cooler. Less is more Thefollowing applies to the MMC combined cooler: Less space = more optionsof installation! Less expenses = more efficiency! This makes it theideal cooling power pack for mobile agricultural and constructionmachines, but also stationary I. C.-engines.
Tailor-made production
Every KTR combined cooler is developed in close cooperation withour customers, taking into account the necessary cooling power. Thecooling elements can either be used individually or combined and can bearranged “side by side” or in “tandem”. Depending on the application MMCcoolers can be equipped with fans which are driven hydraulically orelectrically. Two options are available 12/24V or 230/400V electricmotors. On bigger machines hydraulic systems have proven their worthsubject to higher efficiency, adaptability and lower noise emission. Regardlessof the mode of drive we use the latest design of fans. They not onlyoperate very efficiently, but also very quietly. Thus, if it is noisy ona construction site, do not blame the new MMC combined cooler!