Product characteristics
  • Ranges: 20 Nm, 50 Nm, 100 Nm
  • Backlash-free, torsionally rigid
  • Measurement of high dynamic torque peaks
  • Easy mounting
  • Ideal solution to compensate for - Axial displacement - Angular displacement - Radial displacement
Description The DATAFLEX® torque measuring shafts sizes 22 to 140 measure thetorques without contact and free from wear. Their secret is a patentedmeasuring method acquiring the twisting of the torsion shaft bymeasuring the quantity of light. For that purpose the light is directedthrough two disks the transparency of which is amended proportionally tothe torque. The overall electronics are located in a stationaryhousing. No signals have to be transmitted by the rotating shaft and thetorque is measured continuously with a high band widthof 16 kHz.Highly dynamic processes can be analysed accurately. The analogoutput values are available both as a voltage signal from 0 – 10 V andas well as a current signal from 4 – 20 mA. In addition a speed counteris integrated providing a pulse signal at a resolution of 60 pulses perrevolution.