Produkt characteristics
  • Precision measuring shaft for low torques
  • Inaccuracy < 0,1 % of the max. range
  • Double channel speed measurement at 360 pulses/revolution
  • Reliable values measured in the machine control, process control, test stand dynamometers
  • Space-saving combination with servo lamina coupling RADEX®-NC
  • Compensating for angular, radial and axial displacements
Description The recently developed DATAFLEX® 16 extends the existing range of contactless torque measuring shafts and is available for measuring torque ranges of 10 Nm, 30 Nm and 50 Nm. The torque is measured using the well-approved technology of wire strain gauges combined with the latest electronic components. The torque signals are processed without contact at a high resolution of 24 bit achieving an accuracy of 0,1 %. Supplementary to torque measuring the size 16 has a two channel speed encoder providing two signals with a resolution of 360 pulses per revolution. The speed measurent feature is always included and no expensive accessory.