Product characteristics
  • overall solution for all DATAFLEX® series
  • comfortable speed output
    • Pulse output points with reversible signal levels (5V/24V)
    • DC voltage output to be scaled via integrated f/U converter (0 – 10V)
    • Direction signal (DATAFLEX® 16)
  • adjustable output filter for torque output
  • top hat rail assembly
  • integrated switch for automatic zero point correction
  • cable lengths of 2m, 5m and 10m available
Description The connection housing DF2 can easily be combined with all DATAFLEX®torque measuring shafts disposing of a retainer for top hat railassembly as well as terminal screws for an easy connection of externaldevices. The following features save the purchase of expensive measuringamplifiers and converters:
  • The torque output can be filtered over 5 steps so that short torque peaks in the display can be reduced.
  • The pulse output level of the speed signals can be configured forboth 5V (TTL) and 24V (HTL). This makes the speed output compatible fordata logging boards as well as for SPS controls
  • Additionally an integrated frequency voltage converter supplies a DCvoltage from 0 – 10 V proportionally to the speed, the scaling of whichcan be changed individually.This makes an expensive countersuperfluous so that the signal can either be processed as a voltage
  • A direction signal indicates the rotational direction of the drive (DATAFLEX® 16)