Product characteristics
  • By using bell housings motor and pump shaft are aligned to each other optimally
  • Material: cast iron - higher resistance compared to aluminium
  • Applicable in mining and offshore
  • Due to large mass good damping features
  • Horizontal assemby in connection with KTR foot flanges possible
  • On request bell housing available with ventilation and leak oil bore
Type PSG (extra product characteristics):
  • Bellhousing particularly suitable for servo-hydraulic drives
  • Suitable for highly dynamic drives
Selection of bellhousings
Online selection of bellhousings The right selection is important! With our programme selecting bellhousings you find the right components in order to optimally connect electric motor and pump. You can select the fitting additional components like damping elements and foot flange for each individual application. In only 5 steps to the complete aggregate: 1. Step: Selection of pump manufacturer 2. Step: Selection of pump type 3. Step: Selection of electric motor 4. Step: Selection of possible coupling variations 5. Step: Selection of additional components